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By Paul (registered) | Posted October 21, 2010 at 12:34:11

Maybe we should just ask Bob Young to threaten to take away the ticats and aerotropolis will be stopped ! :)

Seriously What business in as deep a debt spends more to aquire more stock when he cannot sell what he has based on optomisitc speculation with no customers in sight? What business buy new property without the means to build upon it while leaving it's existing money making ventures to rot? we cannot service exisiting infrastucture and this will mean maintaining an even larger system all based on guesswork with no real local precedents as we have land sitting ready to be developed both in the city and other like centres such as the one in Glanbrook.

Capitalist all your income numbers are speculation at best yet the cost of Aerotropolis is very real and will be even higher than estimated. How do I know? It is Always higher than estimated. Further there is plenty that will be lost in the lands in question that current economic models refuse to value. The value of biodiversity, the value of clean water and a stable watershed (many waterways will be affected as they run through these lands including provincially significant wetlands), the value of healthy local food production,etc.

Estimates also do not consider incidental damage, repairs etc just look at Red Hill and its flooding or all the watermain breaks.

The Mid-Pen is already rearing tis ugly head again, rising from the grave. Where will the money come from? Hamilton cant afford it. even if other levels of government help, it is still OUR money.

People who support Aerotropolis simply does not value what we have. Instead of being proud of what our city can already offer, we hear how horrible the city is and that we need to beg and plead transport businesses and offer up new land so they can conveniently sit on our city's periphery consuming land and resources for temporary storage space.

We need jobs in Hamilton, desperately but these jobs we need have to be able to feed andhouse families without taking three or four of them to make ends meet. We also need them NOW. not some ficticious future where we spend money putting the jobs as far from the people as possible, do not give them a viable way to reach them and do not even guaruntee they will even materialise.

The logic of this project is twisted and benefits only a small minority (if that) and is based on overly optomistic appraisals with little regard for current needs or the risk of failure.

This project has been kept quiet by media and council and has been fought by people for years but like a zombie rising from the grave (just like the mid-pen and the already risen Red Hill Expressway that consumed a valley and continues to eat away at our infrastructure budget), because of minority interests it will not die.

The current battle now is for awareness as proponents seem more interest in keeping it quiet and sliding it through rather than open discussion and revelation of all details related to this project and proper citizen input.

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