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By Capitalist (anonymous) | Posted October 21, 2010 at 13:42:37


"We need jobs in Hamilton, desperately but these jobs we need have to be able to feed andhouse families without taking three or four of them to make ends meet. We also need them NOW. not some ficticious future where we spend money putting the jobs as far from the people as possible, do not give them a viable way to reach them and do not even guaruntee they will even materialise."

There are plenty of jobs that will allow people to feed and house families (I have one), you have to have the credentials to obtain them. If you don't have any skills that are required by employers then what do you expect? They don't owe you a living.

If you want jobs to come to hamilton then you have to cater to businesses. That means we need to have serviced industrial land in close proximity to a highway and a competitive cost structure. Hamilton hasn't had this and that is why we lost out on business opportunities to cities like Brantford, GTA etc.

This is the reality. Deal with it or accept the consquences.

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