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By seancb (registered) - website | Posted October 21, 2010 at 14:09:57


How can we convert industrial lands by the QEW to retail, then turn around and say we need to convert all of this land at the airport to industrial land?

The idea that the aerotropolis will "land" the businesses required to pay for the servicing is pure speculation based on fantasy.

The strongest proponents for this boundary expansion are the current landowners and residential home builder groups.

Is there any company that has come forward to say that they would consider operating a business up there? Or even one business who has come out to openly support the aerotropolis as a general concept?

Capitalist, your position is certainly interesting. You recently posted:

By Capitalist (anonymous) Posted September 30, 2010 11:17:54 The Ancaster Business Park is sold out. Purchased by developers. >Your pdf is over two years old!

How is the AEGD reliant on air travel and air freight?

"Purchased by developers" does not mean that it is being utilized. If we used "purchased by developers" as a metric to determine the success of a business park, then all of them would be considered 100% "sold" since SOMEBODY owns the land, and all you have to do to call yourself a developer is own some land and be willing to MAYBE develop it - or sell it to someone who will - if the price is right. By using "sold to developers" we could state that the aerotropolis is already a resounding success, before shovels have touched the earth!

We need to talk about REAL ACTUAL businesses which EMPLOY people in PERMANENT positions.

Regarding your earlier proximity to airport argument, and your repeated claims that proximity to the airport does not matter, then why are we building this way out by the airport where servicing costs are significantly higher?

You claim:

If you want jobs to come to hamilton then you have to cater to businesses. That means we need to have serviced industrial land in close proximity to a highway and a competitive cost structure.

Yet the aerotropolis is not next to a highway, and we have been actively converting industrial lands that are near highways into other uses.

So if proximity to highways matters, but proximity to the airport doesn't, why would we service a business park there and force incoming companies to abide by the airport's height restrictions and other limitations?

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