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By Capitalist (anonymous) | Posted October 21, 2010 at 14:28:01

@M. Desnoyers

"What happens if the Airport doesn't grow as the WILD projections in the report predict?"

All business is a risk. No risk, no reward. I believe that is why the AEGD is being serviced in phases. What makes you think that the projections are "wild"?

"I can very confidently state that there has been more media coverage concerning the Pan Am stadium and the Tiger Cats in the past months than has been reported collectively about the aerotropoilis in the past five years."

This has nothing to do with the stadium. Five years is plenty of time for people to make their voices heard. You are just pissed that you lost the vote (overwhelmingly) and you are now just making excuses.

"The reports presented by Dillon REPEATEDLY refer to the success of the aerotropolis being tied directly to the airport. If Capatalist has read the entire report he might have stated that as well."

I have read the entire Dillon report and that was not my take at all. I will give it another look but I do recall the the airport was more of a bonus addition to the AEGD.

"If the city was truly interested in engaging the community then why were the CLC meetings always held in a remote location that was not accessible via public transit? The Spectator has done a dismal job covering the subject and virtually all City public meetings were very poorly attended."

I didn't realize that the convention centre is in a remote location?

The meeting were poorly attended because people do not object to this development. That is why council voted 13-2 in favour.

I am not aware of a 2200 page report. Could you please forward me the link? I would like to opportunity to read it for myself.

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