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By Wowza (anonymous) | Posted October 21, 2010 at 15:04:18

So Mr. Desnoyer. Explain how it is that your website, HPD, has stated for years now that they support urban intensification, the curbing of sprawl,reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and the usage of existing industrial lands- all the while NOT observing these policies yourself!!:

1. You live in a rural/suburban setting (and so do the other members of your HPD team). I thought you were FOR urban intensification and AGAINST sprawl?

2. Your company chose to locate in BURLINGTON, not HAMILTON! What's wrong with our various industrial lands that make you too good for them?

3. Your company makes parts for automobiles! Wouldn't that be considered a GREENHOUSE GAS-EMITTER ? S'pose not!

4. Your company outsources alot of it's work to CHINA ! In a day where we need all the high-tech jobs we can get-WHOOSH !! There ya go !

5. Your company USED to even have John C. Munro listed as a convenient shipping option on your company website ! Looks like you figured-out the embarassment that would cause, right?

6. HPD was instrumental in causing Maple Leaf foods to backing-off the opening of a new pork-processing plant in the North Glanbrook industrial lands. Even though you KEEP saying our industrial lands lay fallow, as soon as a company comes along that would have opened-up ALOT of good-paying jobs-BOOM ! You pull the rug from under that one too! Now you go back to saying that our North Glanbrook park remains empty and is indicative of Hamilton's lack of appeal to business ! If that isn't the most TWO-Faced play I EVER saw...

There's plenty more I could spew-off about, but suffice it to say, you've been slidin' a few UNDER THE RADAR YOURSELF !!!

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