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By M. Desnoyers (anonymous) | Posted October 21, 2010 at 15:54:29


Your personal attack is characteristic of an individual who is incapable of putting forth an intelligent argument. For the upteenth time let me address your various points which are clearly unrelated to the aerotropolis and the purpose of the lead article;

1. You live in a rural/suburban setting (and so do the other members of your HPD team). I thought you were FOR urban intensification and AGAINST sprawl? Response - I live just outside the city boudary on a street that was established in the mid 50's not a new residential subdivision that required an urban expansion. We are surrounded by farms and we hope it stays that way and YES - HPD is advocating that the City of Hamilton can achieve future growth via further intensification, brownfield redevelopment and by revitalizing the downtown. That doesn't make me "TWO-Faced" it makes me personally realize there is a better way. Eight of the 10 "core" members of the HPD steering committee live in various parts of the city and I don't know where the 300 other supporters and members live so I don't really know where you are getting your facts from.

2. Your company chose to locate in BURLINGTON, not HAMILTON! What's wrong with our various industrial lands that make you too good for them? Response - Etratech has been in Burlington for 22 years and is located here because I literally lost the flip of a coin in November of 1989. My partner lived here and the alternative was the Ancaster Business Park.

3. Your company makes parts for automobiles! Wouldn't that be considered a GREENHOUSE GAS-EMITTER ? S'pose not! Response - Your right we do manufacture parts for Auto's like the Smartcar and various Hybrids as well as Gasoline vehicles. I don't recall mentioning anything about Greenhouse Gas Emitters?? The main concern we have regarding the aerotropolis is the loss of valuable foodlands. Something which will become increasingly more inportant in the future.

4. Your company outsources alot of it's work to CHINA ! In a day where we need all the high-tech jobs we can get-WHOOSH !! Response - Your right - as an electronic manufacturer we source the vast majority of our electronic componentry from ASIA because they CANNOT be sourced here in North America any longer. We also employ 130 people here in Canada and at least half are in engineering, quality, supply chain management and customer servide. There ya go WHOOSH - all the high paying jobs are here not ASIA!

5. Your company USED to even have John C. Munro listed as a convenient shipping option on your company website ! Looks like you figured-out the embarassment that would cause, right? Send me the link because I think you are prepared to say just ANYTHING!

6. HPD was instrumental in causing Maple Leaf foods to backing-off the opening of a new pork-processing plant in the North Glanbrook industrial lands. Even though you KEEP saying our industrial lands lay fallow, as soon as a company comes along that would have opened-up ALOT of good-paying jobs-BOOM ! You pull the rug from under that one too! Now you go back to saying that our North Glanbrook park remains empty and is indicative of Hamilton's lack of appeal to business ! If that isn't the most TWO-Faced play I EVER saw... Response - Get your facts straight! HPD never commented as to whether Maple Leaf was a good choice for Glanbrrok or not. We were VERY outspoken about the approach being used by the city. There was virtually no engagement of the community and residents were involved only after the decisions were made. I am glad to hear that you think HPD was instrumental in something because perhaps we will be instrumental in stopping this insanity!

Let's argue the facts. If you want to take personal slams at me than give me the opportunity to respond in kind. Oopps - that's not possible because I don't even know what a Wowza is. If you are inclined to "spew-off" please carry on.

M. Desnoyers

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