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By seancb (registered) - website | Posted October 21, 2010 at 16:06:37

I don't know the members of HPD personally, but I know that there are more than two members of that particular group and they can't all live "off the end of the runway".

I also know that I don't live anywhere near the aerotropolis, and it is not likely that any of the recent letter writers to the spec (all of whom are angry about the aerotropolis decision by the way) live up there either.

And I know that HPD is not the only group of citizens concerned about the aerotropolis.

This is not about something happening in a few peoples' back yards. This is about expanding the urban boundary by an area bigger than our entire downtown core, at a huge expense with almost no promise of return.

Here's a question: who owns the proposed aerotropolis lands? Some land owners up there have been fighting for a BIGGER aegd because they want their own land to be included so that they can cash out once the taxpayers fund the servicing!

So no, it does not bother me if somebody is opposed to the aerotropolis going into their backyard. In fact it makes sense to me that all residents should oppose the aeroropolis no mater where they live. The only way that I can see anyone wanting to support the aegd expenditures is if they already own land that is going to be serviced on the backs of the citizens.

Wowza and Capitalist: at least I (as the article writer) and Mr. Desnoyers (in his comments) are not hiding our identities. Why don't you come forward and identify yourselves so that we can go digging into where you live and where you work so that we can try to pick apart the ulterior motive to your comments?

This is about Hamilton. This is not about Mr Desnoyers, it is not about me and it is not about you.

You worry about NIMBYism? Well I believe that the shady back-room deals are what has HINDERED this city for FAR too long. If you aren't on the politicians' "friends" list, then Hamilton is "closed for business" for you. If you are on their list, though, then congrats, we are "open for business" (and willing to hand over public money to help). THAT is what has to stop if we are going to attract more businesses to this town.

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