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By M. Desnoyers (anonymous) | Posted October 21, 2010 at 16:08:34


While typing my previous reply to your first tirade I missed the newest.

Where or where do you get your facts from???

I am located OUTSIDE the proposed aerotropolis and by my reckoning nearly 6 km. from the end of the runway. I have NO relatives that live near me and Jack Santa Barbara was the other co-founder of HPD and he lived in Dundas, now Australia!

I am but one individual in a large group of individuals who live all over the city. Was our appeal of the land conversions in Hamilton a NIMBY issue?

Sean is absolutely correct in that the aerotropolis will profoundly impact the entire city of Hamilton so this IS a NIMBY issue for the ENTIRE city.

Wowza - you are losing any sense of credibility here so maybe it is time to stop.

M. Desnoyers

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