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By Mr. Meister (anonymous) | Posted October 21, 2010 at 19:25:34

I should not have said cycling was perfectly safe since those are not the words you used, it is what I found you were implying. You said cycling was safe and easy and were somehow using that to justify not wearing a helmet insinuating that it was perfectly safe. The inconvenience of wearing a helmet pales in comparison to the tragedy that it can avert. It is just like arguing that seatbelt use in a car is unnecessary because cars are safe and the accident rate is low. I would love to know how you came to the conclusion that cycling is safer than walking. The logic arguement in that one has got to be a winner. With a statement like that and then saying "Humans are notoriously bad at accurately comparing risks." I can see how you got there.

I am using very straightforward reasoning. I took great execption to the comment that helmets were unneccasery and tried to point out that they are great at doing what they are meant to do, reduce head injuries in case of an accident.

Common sense is a wonderful guide through, life you should try it sometime. It is very seldom wrong. Common sense and logic go hand in hand and have brought multitudes of benefits, discoveries and inventions to mankind. Maybe the fact that some people have so little of it is what causes them to poke fun at it and those of us who use it.

Common sense is not what makes people terrified to fly, in fact many people who are scared to fly will tell you that they know it is a nonsensical thing. I have a phobia of heights, no common sense involved. I know that being in your condo on the 23rd floor is perfectly safe but I do not like to be there. Some of these fears are fueled by media coverage which makes the problem seem much bigger than it really is but if you use a little common sense you can figure it out.

By the way I think we should have a continuous network of bike lanes throughout the city and have posted that thought before.

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