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By Realist (anonymous) | Posted October 21, 2010 at 20:58:56

Folks, let me be blunt - THERE WILL BE NO LRT IN HAMILTION

This was part of McGuinty's misguided dream of transforming Ontario into some kind of socialist liberal utopia to protect us from ourselves.

- Ontario is currently running a deficit of $25 Billion and counting with a recession that's killing the heart of the manufacturing industry. This will not end until out largest trading partner, the US gets out of recession.

- McGuinty's days are numbered and he knows it, the new government will have to bring in austerity budgets to get spending under control or risk a downgrade, it will make the Bob Rae years look easy. The LRT projects will be one of the first things to go along with all the other big ticket infrastructure.

- Can someone please tell me why a stagnant growth area with 125,000 people (approx) with declining bus ridership and no inner city traffic congesion needs an LRT system? This is not Toronto where everyone lives and works downtown, in fact almost nobody works in downtown Hamilton anymore. Are we going to spend billions to get grandma to the market 1 minute faster than the bus? I would argue that most of the poeple who live along the proposed line are retired or unemployed. This is not a smart ass question, someone please explain this to me.

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