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By M. Desnoyers (anonymous) | Posted October 22, 2010 at 13:23:14

Robbie K;

You make a very good point and I can't comment on what factors existed at the time the Mississauga or Milton parks were developed. What we have to determine is will this development, the aerotropolis, be successful based upon the data and information compiled by the $2 Million of studies conducted by Dillon.

To answer a much earlier question/point made by Capitalist let me quote directly from the Dillon reports " While the focus of our analysis is on the market potential for lands which surround the airport, the current operations, employment activities and expansion potential of the HIA are closely tied to the form and magnitude of employement growth within the AEGD". This is from the Phase 1 report, page 85. Also, "The strength and nature of this relationship is largely dependent on the size and type of direct airport acivities, in terms of the number of passengers and amount and type of cargo". This from the Phase 2 report, page 7 and is in reference to the relationship between employment lands surrounding airports and synergy with airport activities.

It is very clear that there is a direct connection between the success of these employment lands and what happens at the airport and yet no study or analysis to answer the question - What if the airport eventually fails? The airport has missed the projections set out by Tradeport on virtually everything but we are to believe that it will achieve something in the next 10 years that it has not been able to achieve in the last 40!

The very premise that the Dillon reports suggests is that development will occur at the AEGD 5 times faster than is currently being experienced in Hamilton. Is something happening that we are not aware of?

This is why I ask the question earlier WHY DO WE NEED TO EXPAND NOW??? I do hope someone will comment on this.

Here is another question - Why is it that whenever someone demonstrates their passion for something they get labeled as an activist or NIMBY or "clown" just because their opinoin is different then possibly yours?

M. Desnoyers

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