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By lightrailignorance (anonymous) | Posted October 22, 2010 at 13:49:36

Although I agree Metrolinx will esentially end up being another nail in McGuinty's coffin, I will tell you the LRT agenda will stick around. With excitement in Kitchener-Waterloo and Toronto (for now) getting light rail, and the obvious spinoffs each city benefits from during construction, it will be a no-brainer to fund an east-west line in Hamilton.

A lot of people are still confused as to what LRT actually is and say it won't work in a city like Hamilton. There are SO MANY resources out there, I dont know why people don't want to educate themselves?
City of Hamilton Rapid Transit Office

Hell, you can even use GoogleMaps to look at cities like Phoenix or Minneapolis to see how brand new, modern LRT shares the road with traffic, yes even in a city like Minneapolis with it's cold, norhern climate!

People are sared of loud, bulky, clunky, step-up Toronto 1950's streetcars.. Wake Up Folks, these are not the same!

YouTube it!!!!

Educate yourselves!!!

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