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By A Smith (anonymous) | Posted October 22, 2010 at 16:09:51

In 2001, Hamilton had a population of 490,270 and 4,462 full time employees. Fast forward 8 years and Hamilton's population is 525,697, while full time employees number 6,183.

In 2001, the wage bill for city workers was $355,345K. In 2009, this bill stood at $656,149. In 2001, total Ontario wages were $242,939M and by 2009 they were $323,911M.

Hamilton city employee number increase 2001-09


Hamilton population increase 2001-09


Hamilton city employee wage/benefits increase 2001-09


Total Ontario wage/salary increase 2001-09


In per capita terms, Ontario wages have gone from $21,291 to $24,801, or 16.5% from 2001-09. In Hamilton, per capita wage/benefits per full time public employee has gone from $79,603 to $106,121 during this same time period, a jump of 33.3%, about double that of the average person.

If Hamilton's public full time employee roster had increased at the same rate as our population, in 2009 there have only been 4,784 employees. If we take the 6,183 we actually had in 2009 and subtract the 4,784 we might have had, we see that we are paying an extra...

1,399 workers * $106,121 average wage/benefits = $148.5M

in taxes, or $282 per resident.

I ask you, is our city doing better than it was in 2001, back when we had fewer city workers per capita and their wage scales were closer to the average resident?

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