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By Enterprise (registered) | Posted October 23, 2010 at 10:57:39

TreyS wrote: For once, stop the prejudice against people that have made their own money!!!!. ie Foxcroft, Brailey, Joyce, and Young (and others I'm sorry to not name all for the sake of keeping this comment as brief as possible). I don't hear you all dissing; Juravinski, Lee Chin or DeGroote. I'm sorry you're not a millionaire, but losing the bitterness might help you. These are Hamiltonians that give a crap about our City.*

Well, TreyS, yes and no: I am a fan of anyone who starts up and is able to run a successful business & I was a fan of many of the people you list here until I heard one of them on CHML. I was so disappointed to hear him speak, to hear the disparaging remarks he made, his condescending attitude.

The whole stadium issue feels like a manipulation by a few people with power to hijack taxpayers money to further their own interests under the guise of being 'what's best for the city.'

I'm trying to educate myself on this whole issue (I look forward to the McMaster University free lecture on the 28th about funding of stadiums) and am trying to find out who exactly is behind what (RTH site has been a wonderful source of information).

We have a bit more time to review the whole mess and hopefully reason will prevail.

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