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By MattM (registered) | Posted October 26, 2010 at 09:22:19

How did RTH do with its endorsements? Let's see WH for stadium: 0; Eisenburger for Mayor: 0; Light Rail: 0 (now that Boob wants to change it); Bike lanes: only in ward one; Sprawl, only NOT in Winona....a mixed record I'd say RTH...give it up.

It's true. All is lost, we might as well just get some more walmarts going. Anywhere we can put a new highway in? Losani, DeSantis, help us out here! We need generic boxes for these new families to live in! Boston Pizza, hear our call!

Seriously though, although the election results disappoint me, I think Hamilton's rise to glory will go undeterred. The wheels have been set in motion. Lofts and condos are taking off downtown, light rail is still a very real possibility, as is 7 day-per-week GO service to Toronto. The rest of the pieces will continue to fall into place.

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