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By Inhocmark (registered) | Posted October 26, 2010 at 09:39:51

Last night being my first Hamilton election (my previous elections have been in Toronto, Longueil and Montreal respectively) it is painfully obvious that the real lack of a strong local media ultimately hurts local engagement and creates a climate where name over subtance tends to win out. In the 8th largest city in Canada it should be unacceptable that the only local over the air station chose to go with 2 american shows (although I love Chuck) over election results. It should be unacceptable that the only major newspaper had a live blog done by a reporter whose primary job is to cover the Ti-Cats. The amount of work I had to put in this election to get even a rudimentary understanding of the candidates and their platforms goes above and beyond what an average voter is going to go to through to get information to make an informed decision.

All of the incumbents that came back and the rise of media personality Bratina despite what would politely be described as a vague platform appears to be in some part due to the lack of information out there for the average voter.

...Then again, all the information in the world did not help Toronto out at all, so maybe my point is moot.

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