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By mikeyj (registered) | Posted October 26, 2010 at 11:13:09

I'm with Meredith, It's hard to believe Farr got voted in with next to nothing in platform solutions, even for his main priority Poverty there is nothing concrete... except blaming poor people for the state of the Core and stepping up law enforcement to remove them. To top it off this is how he summarizes his Poverty stance:

"Those who sy they will never go down there anymore. It sucks - but it's true. The haves wil better understand, and I am confident imbrace this problem - if they share, in their community, in helping to solve it."

I mean how serious can someone be to have released that?

The only concrete statements I've heard from him are for a water park and something on his site about a grocery store. He does seem like a decent guy but it's pretty shocking to see this candidate win out of the promising group we had.

Does this confirm the real voter motivator: face and name recognition? Lets hope there is more substance to this guy, than this guy lets on.

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