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By Pxtl (registered) - website | Posted October 26, 2010 at 12:13:17

As much as Deamalgamation is silly to float in an election, the map of Hamilton does look rather absurd.

Now, anybody thinking Dundas or Ancaster or Stoney Creek should be de-amalgamated are out to lunch - those areas are practically engulfed into the city.

But does it really make sense for, say, Rockton to be part of the city? Carlisle? Their issues aren't our issues, and vice versa. Realistically, does it make sense for Ward 14 to extend almost the whole way to Brantford and Cambridge? Ward 15 actually physically reaches around part of Burlington.

Bob should set up the new stadium in Freelton! It's part of Hamilton! And it has great highway access.... to the 401.

Waterdown is far more a part of Burlington than it is Hamilton. The only reason any of these regions were duct-taped onto the city was

a) a conservative government looking to cut costs, and b) they have money (ie. Casino), and downtown Hamilton has impoverished addicts from all over the region who consume social services, so we need their money.

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