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By marvincaplan (registered) | Posted October 26, 2010 at 14:46:54

Hi, well progressives in the Hammer lose again. Jelly, Martinus and I were all on the progressive side. (Even though many don't agree I'm progressive.) and we sure split the vote. Martinus and I had a little more substance on our sites. In fact, before I take it down, all of you who discounted me as yesterday's person should check it out. Particularly look at my press release under media. Brian Mchattie, and the rest of the progressives out in Hammertown should have known the Aerotropolis was inevitable. It still is. So where is the call to put land already in the Urban Boundary outside the boundary? Before the vote, that could have been a "gimmee." Particularly if there is Provincially owned land.

Is any-one on the Hammer world (Including Matt and Martinus) willing to help fight the de-funding of SISO? It will hurt Hamilton far more than any single issue now being discussed. During the debates I called for a course on how Municipalities and in particular how Hamilton works. Who wants to help.

Can anybody realise that in a mixed economy like ours where the Right is so powerful, that going straight against them is a no brainer sure way to lose most of the time.

You all ask what will Jason be like? While I disagree that accepting donations from unions and corporations shows a lack of integrity, look at who supports Jason when the figures come out. I guarantee developers are on the list. If that's so, why did they support me? Because when I first ran I had Mary Kiss as a Ward mate, and during the election I lost, I had Brian McHattie as an opponent. (By the way, Brian, I'm still pissed that you let sidewalks disappear from cul de sacs in new subdivisions.)

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