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By cd (anonymous) | Posted October 26, 2010 at 18:33:57

Thanks Ray,

I'm there!


I'm serious about the idea of having a 'shadow Council' that makes the elected Council responsible for every word they say, every thing they do. A real working body of citizen-candidates who, by meeting, recording minutes and setting agendas will form the real 'voice' and 'conscience' of Hamilton region. Here's real grassroots, participatory government that's not just an idea but a working reality: a group of active candidates who become the official opposition, watching, monitoring, writing, protesting on a regular basis. What a way to make local politicians accountable! Wouldn't it be nice if elected officials were constantly looking over their shoulder to see what the 'official opposition' were saying & doing?

The idea came to me as I was lying in bed last night wide awake, feeling dejected at the thought of the same old incompetent crew resuming their seats (with two exceptions). The Mayor shouldn't be the only 'fall guy'.

I was impressed with the calibre of a new (mostly younger)progressive cohort of municipal candidates whose time has come.Incumbents have a virtual stranglehold on electoral process that's making a lot of people call for 'term' limits.

Sky, take the first step: contact all defeated candidates you'd like to form a shadow Council with. Wouldn't Cable 14 love to show something like this as a live proceeding in competition with Council sessions? Wouldn't the 'Spec' love a article like this? Give Hamiltonians a taste of what municipal politics would really look like if the only prerequisites for running a successful campaign weren't being a radio personality or an old Ward crony calling in political favours every 3-4 years.

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