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By marvincaplan (registered) | Posted October 27, 2010 at 10:05:27

OK, I should lose with class to Jason Farr who is a similar demographic to the other inner city councillors, I sound drunk, (I don't drink alcohol at all) and everyone who supported the RH is stupid. Trying to get the best deal you can when the odds are so overwhelming is complicity with the forces of darkness. Yep. No doubt about it, those who dare to call themselves progressive but disagree with those who consider themselves more progressive are the real enemy. Sorry, I keep forgetting. By the way, thanks for applauding the bike lanes in Ward 1. The huge reduction in Hamilton's most carcinogenic air pollutant, and the short but much lamented increase in community influence at the Hall. Am I sore that rather than progress most progressive issues are losing ground? Am I upset that having no platform of substance and platforms that are just not realistic are not an election issue? I sure am. And for all of you, who didn't like Fred or Larry, drop me a line in after a couple of years with Bob.

Ryan, I believe I have said many times to you and others, of course the Red Hill road is terrible. But after many years of study, I came to the honest conclusion that completion of a circle road in Hamilton was necessary and there was no viable alternative to the Expressway. As far as complicity is concerned, David Christopherson would have been and would probably still be mayor instead of losing to DiIanni 12 wards to three if he had acknowledged that the Expressway had no chance of being overturned.

I will never learn. The labour movement threw out an NDP government under Bob Rae, progressives refuse to see progress as inferior to perfection, good as the enemy of best, and my comments in the Hammer are discounted as the drunken ravings of a supporter of rampant capitalism.

No revolution that lasts has ever been won without the support of the middle.

By the way, I haven't lost. I still work for social equity, the removal of barriers to the disadvantaged, literacy, justice, and mercy. Those of you who refuse to accept help from the less than perfect often lose that help.

Ah well, after all, what do I care? I didn’t get a job that paid less money, had longer hours, and was more irritating than selling real estate. Matt and Martinus split the younger vote, and the forces of darkness continue to harm our city. My children have all left town. The substantial improvements I proposed will never be passed, and I’m old enough that the worst will not affect me as much.


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