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By cd (anonymous) | Posted October 27, 2010 at 18:12:50


The quotation in Kiely's post will serve as an answer to your anti-shadow Council argument:

"No revolution that lasts has ever been won without the support of the middle."

The shadow-Council is not a reduplication nor a meddlesome intermediary: it's a way for candidates to cut their teeth on real Council-type work & activism, involving media and area supporters, and act as a real opposition to the elected. It would serve as a kind of ideal system most people would be drawn to, if only for the novelty, and whose shadow-Councillors would get the publicity they'll need to run against the Incumbents in the next municipal election.

Consider this analogy: a real Olympics with athletes relying on physical strength and ability only as opposed to an Olympics with athletes on steriods and other performance-enhancing drugs!Give people the option of attending one or the other: which type do you think the majority of us would eventually pick as a true Olympic games?

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