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By mikeinindia (anonymous) | Posted February 02, 2007 at 20:10:49

If you are suspicious of the consensus ideas as proclaimed by the media you are deemed an irrelevant nut by the unthinking people of that country. On the other hand many non-Americans probably do suspect the American Govt of a conspiracy to manipulate the world to serve their interests. But to most Americans that doesn't matter much. In a globalised economy with a global media and a global climate problem there is hopefully going to be a global cultural development in response which will mean we will outgrow narrow parochial national interests and their use as tools in our manipulation by the most powerful interests in society. The people who have the most power and wealth have most access to the awesome economic political and intellectual forces which run our world but still these forces operate to a large extent blindly, driven as much by irrational fear, greed and inertia as by enlightened self interest. Mankind has a puzzle to solve which probably can best be tackled by objectivity which is in touch with our highest collective interests. We need a forum for that to be articulated.

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