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By Michelle (registered) | Posted October 27, 2010 at 22:34:17

I can also attest to Bernie Morelli's quick response. He did so regarding my concerns with ongoing issues on King St. I sent an email from work and not more than an hour later, he called. Also, either it was divine intervention or he actually got on the phone to the police and had it cleaned up within the week. I must say, he listened to me, welcomed me to the neighbourhood, and I've received correspondence from him since. It's nice to feel listened to, especially where I felt anything but in areas I lived in the past. I've read elsewhere on here that this has been the experience of others in Ward 3.

He has his detractors, obviously, but this is my experience and I voted accordingly. He is approachable, and I feel that should I have an issue in the future, I could call him and I would again get the same response.

BTW, I wanted to comment on this site. It is just great. It's really helped me get to know Hamilton. It's been an incredible resource for me.

Cheers, Michelle (Ward 3)

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