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By Shara Ross (anonymous) | Posted February 02, 2007 at 22:04:44

Hi Jason,

I remember telling you that's what would happen 2 years ago! And 3 million in some development isn't going to stop them from coming...
especially with the trickle already flowing west.

Good point by "just wondering" and they're absolutely right - where is the Hamilton version of the gladstone or the drake hotel? Why aren't creative hopefuls jumping all over the glaringly obvious potential of the james north art district?

The secret good news for me is that having lived down there when the drake was "born" i'd have to say WHO CARES!!!!

As soon as those things start up...bigger commercialized brand name business show up - coffee houses like starbucks, fashion houses like mendacino, roots and the gap follow...taking up the limited real estate downtown and leaving in it's possibilities. No creative originality.No unique stores. No soul.

Right now Hamilton is like a flower about to bloom - how shall it bloom is still full of possibilities! The trend is definitely positive, and the one thing Hamilton has that Toronto doesn't is tons of soul. Great, warm, welcoming people....people that care. May sound odd - but you'd know what i'm talking about if you just moved here from TO like I did. Took a while to shake off that why are you talking to me attitude - truly I'm not a snob - I just wasn't used to everyone's open friendly nature. Let's hope that that can remain in tact, while we blossom....and remain as long as we can....a city full of possibilities.

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