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By mrjanitor (registered) | Posted October 28, 2010 at 14:14:39


I personally can't agree that it is the fault of other candidates that Paul Tetley did not win the ward. The Tetley campaign did not overwhelmingly excite the people of Ward 3 to vote for him, the numbers don't lie. I had the same situation here in Ward 9 with Brad Clark, two strong candidates in contention, however neither of them captured enough hearts or imaginations of the voters to win on their own merit. I also think that your second statement is pure speculation, unless there is some data to substantiate it.

My previous post is not about whether I cut slack for Tetley or not, it's an investigation into whether Jason's assertion that the North part of Ward 3 voted Morelli in. I looked at the polling data and I could not come to the same conclusion as Jason.

Morelli has been a master at using the personal touch and leveraging his might of 20 years in office to appease people in the Ward. This makes a good argument for term limits as how can one competing with him help with a noise complaint when that person is not in office yet.

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