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By Slacker (anonymous) | Posted October 28, 2010 at 15:07:49

mrjanitor, I never said fault of other candidates, you said that. I only gave a reason why Bernie was able to win this election. He dropped from 72% of the popular vote to 44%.

In real numbers there was approx. 1000 more voters this time, but Bernie still lost over 1200 votes. That in itself is very significant. Bernie losing 2 polls, is also significant as he never lost any polls in the previous 2 elections (or probably the prior ones as well). Tetley was also close in 2 other polls. To me, that means he caught some hearts and imagination in pockets of the ward but couldn't transfer that to other areas.

Why couldn't that be transferred to other areas is an interesting question. Was it a poor debate showing, was it lack of face time in other areas, not enough volunteers to cover entire ward, or maybe poor media coverage, ie. TV? Don't know but all interesting questions.

Interesting the 2 polls he did win are in the neighbourhood where there was an All Candidates Meeting. Correlation? Again, I dont' know but interesting. Was that the only Candidates Meetings in the Ward?

We can analyze all we want, but the council is set for another 4 years, and soon we won't be talking about the election, but how council has let us down ;)

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