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By Kiely (registered) | Posted October 28, 2010 at 15:44:43

The political "centre" is a myth, as is much of the traditional understanding of the "political spectrum". - Undustrial

Hear hear Undustrial!!! Many of us use the terms, I tend to use them more as an indication of someones ideological position more so than an actual position on the "political spectrum" (i.e, "right wingers" or "neo-cons" are the people that have bought into the concept or "myth" of right wing ideology). I don't know if it always was, but the "political spectrum" has become a scam to divide and conquer us. To convince us that we are different and this guy's opinions are different than yours and they're dangerous!

If the centre, the middle, the majority of people... whatever you want to call it ever realised that we are all in this together, all want essentially the same things (to be loved, to have a clean, safe and secure place to raise our children and/or build a family, etc...) and there truly are proven ways of accomplishing it then we would all have more power.

The ruling class is 1% of the population, they can't have the other 99% banding together now can they... that would be imposing odds on their chances of maintaining control. So "society" has developed many different ways of segregating people from one another, to make people feel superior to others and to create many different divisions of "us and them". The concept of the modern "political spectrum" is just one of them.

Good decisions are good decisions and they can come from many different points along the so called "political spectrum".

For my part I try not to wear any team uniform or fly any flag. I am not right, centre, or left, I'm not progressive or liberal or neo-con or anything in between... I am a person, a citizen of earth, just like the billions of other people in the world who just want to do right by their loved ones, put in an honest effort and go to bed happy.

It is all so simple in my mind, (perhaps that comes from being simple minded : ) but unfortunately the actual job of reversing the massive Clockwork Orange that has been perpetrated on us all is a lot tougher than just saying "I just want to be loved man... don't you?"

So the question becomes how do we breakdown these very powerful barriers that have been placed between us?

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