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By Undustrial (registered) - website | Posted October 28, 2010 at 18:35:59

I think I lost faith in the political spectrum around the time Neo-cons and Neo-liberals became exactly the same thing. Labels are perhaps best applied by others, preferably after you're dead. They still haven't settled whether Marx was even a "Marxist", 130 years later.

What we need is to admit what we are, and what we're for - not just where we stand relative to others. I'm an anarchist, for what it's worth. That means something. Terms like "leftist", "progressive" or "green" don't really mean anything these days - they're hip, but every time someone like Obama or BP joins up, the whole thing gets diluted.

Project like Aerotropolis reflect a fundamental vision. It's not democratic, green, or particularly forward-looking in any way, and it clearly does not reflect the views of most of our citizens - only most of our news sources. Hiding behind moderation is ridiculous, it's a very ambitious pro-oil, pro-business, pro-sprawl megaproject. If that's what you're in favour of, then say so, but don't feel the need to define everyone who disagrees as "extremists" in doing so.

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