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By I. C. Deadpeeple (anonymous) | Posted October 30, 2010 at 10:42:39

Just a note on ward 12, where the incumbent 'cruised to victory'.

During this campaign we got 1 piece of literature from Ms. Cox-Graham. Nothing from Mr. Ferguson. We got lit. from all the Public School trustee candidates.

Our new P.S. school trustee, Alex Johnston, came to the door & actually spoke to people. She Won! -Handily, because she made the effort. She was not endorsed by the former office holder.

There was no actual in-media debate in Ward 12. When Ms. Cox-Graham found that out @ least week ahead, THAT was the time she should have started knocking on doors. I'm not saying this would have won her the ward, but it would have boosted her votes & given her more cred. & recognition factory next time, should she decide to run again. Maybe her family responsibilities & time constraints prevented this? She blamed money in part for her showing @ the polls.

(Note to Ms. Cox-Graham -We have not seen, heard or received any campaign lit. from your former opponent since he ran when his brother became ill. Next time, get out into the community, listen, learn & tell us what you have to say. No one is going to vote for someone who seems to have given up 1/2 way through a campaign.

I think there is something to be said about a 'landslide' win by an incumbent who doesn't even campaign, & for candidates that will neither debate, nor show their faces at your door to say what their respective visions are for their ward & their City.

The something that can be said is, "Fearful &/or Complacent Electorate". I hope these people are going to enjoy the tax cost of more roads & highways, higher taxes to support & service Airport development, jet fuel stink in the air & lots & lots of Noise from air traffic. Losing Area rating is the least of our worries!

Jobs??? Most of them won't be well paying.

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