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By MAB (registered) | Posted October 30, 2010 at 15:22:44

This council ensured they had jobs at the end of the election. I am still trying to find out if it was the Feds or our local council who voted to change the election date. I do know they added advance polls, without time to plan and inform the public, then moved them up as much as 18 days. Most of the votes were won in the advance polls way ahead of the election day.

As far as the City of Hamilton 2010 Muncicipal Election results it shows that Ward 13 had 15 polls that were counted in. When in fact we had an increase of five polls. Where did the five polling stations votes go?

Did this happen in other wards.

We want to engage the public to vote, by offering convienience... and accessiblility to vote.. not make it unfair to the new running candidates..

This election did not engage people, they just voted to do their civic duty as convieniently as possible. How many would have changed their mind when they found out some the shinangins DiIanni played out... etc etc etc..

Voting 18 days ahead in advance polling does not serve the public.., it served the incumbent councillors who voted to establish these days.

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