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By Edward HC Graydon (anonymous) | Posted November 02, 2010 at 07:52:17

If the city of Hamilton just has to have a stadium to feel good, all while spending federal provincial and municipal tax dollars on a game that most people can not stand "football" a game that attracts the close to retarded and those that are for sure ,less financially able,then why build it at all? given that the track and field events are no longer going to be held in Hamilton.The fact that Hamilton's poorest will not be served at any level with regards to this stadium is the problem that the new mayor is going to have to figure out,if I had been elected I would have continued the goal of building it at the west harbour location ,as it is still the best location. Building at the west harbour will achieve many goals that are of concern to Hamiltonian's and at the same time retail is still close at hand ,"if the people actually still watch football" .I can not stand the game and I know that the game attracts only a very small amount of the population of Hamilton,but if I had to build it with tax payers dollars all while promoting a private business that to me brings little value to the city,then I would build it at the harbour front.

But really who cares about a stadium?

Edward Graydon

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