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By hshields (registered) - website | Posted November 02, 2010 at 11:44:43

A great posting!

Lets look at this "Marshall Space" idea. I've heard similar descriptions through Richard Florida and McMaster's Global Studies folks. If you think about a physical space where ideas and people can mix, network, start their businesses and have the facilities that nurture that - I think that is what McMaster Innovation Park is all about. Our own Marshall Space is already taking root. The question now is, would the addition of a 30k seat football stadium "excelerate" those kinds of attractions and networks or would it "dampen" the kind of incubator MIP wants to market itself as? I think Rosenstraub is saying a stadium in that location would excelerate the attraction of young graduates.

The only catch is, what about ownership and investment? What exactly will be Mr. Young's ownership of the stadium and what kind of investment opportunities will he have in the immediate area to ensure the Ti-Cats have a vested interest in the property?

I like what Rosenstraub has to say but, there are a lot of question marks regarding the development that still have to hashed out before we can even concieve of this as being an attractor or dampenor for "Marshall Space."

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