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By lawrence (registered) - website | Posted November 03, 2010 at 13:41:35

There is certainly some merit to what you are saying HamLover, but see a comment by user Andrea the other day, and you will realize it isn't a low-income area at all. It's a huge mix. High crime yes, but something has to be done to address this. Perhaps restoring IW isn't it, but adding a few more houses for the sake of a few extra tax dollars isn't it either.

Forget looking for more tax revenue. Stop the frivolous spending so that we have to keep throwing away opportunities because we are spending too much. There are certainly a lot of 'nice to have' projects happening around Hamilton. Use that money to fix a few big things, instead of a hundred little things that don't need fixed.

First east end project: Finally tear down Scott Park. The residents in that area deserve to be rid of that vacant, asbestos-filled eye-sore. But don't do anything with the land, until we know where we stand with the stadium. A pile of graded dirt will be 100-times better in the interim.

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