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By Shempatolla (registered) - website | Posted November 03, 2010 at 20:35:42

Mr Murray quite frankly is hedging his bets. His job kind of depends on it. More than one architect in meetings that I have sat in on has said that the budget available (providing the stadium were built at WH) is more than enough to build an impressive facility. Mr Murray himself when pressed by Lloyd Ferguson at the last COW meeting hinted that there was "some juice" in the numbers. He can't openly come out and state the type of facility that can be built for the money as design, among a host of other factors are just being worked out. East Mountain was not doable, CP/Longwood do we know yet? WH we already own the land and remediation estimates were way less than first feared.

Again not likely to transpire. CP could still not happen unless someone pulls a rabbit out of their hat and finds more money. (Hello, calling Bob Young and his business partners).

Which brings us back to no stadium, no games, the Cats not going anywhere and Mr Young selling, and the future fund being used for something else, which I would be fine with.

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