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By R (anonymous) | Posted February 04, 2007 at 20:49:48

God you people are naive! I am a civil servant and it would be very easy for a high-ranking powerful politician to make a suggestion and influence many civil servants into going in the direction they would want. That’s how the system works. When you are in power you get it your way! If not, you get rid of the people in the way of your vision. Most bureaucrats are there to do the job they are told to do and does not care witch way they are going. They will change with the wind.

The expressway battle is over. You lost! The only good thing I see happening with going ahead with the law suit is the city gets 75 million and it will prove the anti expressway supporter where wrong again. The city has nothing to loose.

I have had a tour of the expressway this fall. Snuck in with some friend on their invite. It will be a beautiful drive. Lots of trees left. You should update your numbers. They cut down just a fraction of the trees the scare mongers talked about. And the salmon. So many and they have swum up stream further they have in 20 year. The new stream is back where it was it the past before people played with it. The flood plains are back and the animals are still there thou I think most of them live in my back yard.

It will be the nice drive in the country. And yes I drive. And so does most of the world. We need the expressway and it should have been built years ago. And don’t say it’s no longer the trend. I have been all over the place and they are building more expressway. Even in Europe where there are great transit systems, they are building more highways and they even have…….oh no one-way streets and parking lots!

27 month into a law suite. Just a drop in the bucket when it comes to lawsuit. Some of these take years and years to complete.

As to hurting someone’s feelings in Ottawa, who cares! They don’t care about us in Hamilton. They hardly know where we are. We are not important enough to show up on their radar.

Yes Eisenberger needs to do the right thing. Keep the law suit going or negoiate a high dollar setelment. Either way it is the only way Hamilton wins.

I think that people should now put thier efforts into widening the Link and up grading the HSR. They need more and larger busses and get the BRT/LRT going. This way the people who want to drive will be happy and the people who want to take transit will be happy.

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