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By Robert D (anonymous) | Posted November 05, 2010 at 15:51:37

"Nothing is real."

A world-changing idea if there ever was one. Of course it's true, and I believe there's even a movie (Wag the dog?) which involves the faking of a war to take the public's attention off of the President.

True media trickery is typically much more subtle and minor, but it has a way of accumulating in a snowball effect that makes it just as bad.

Never trust what you read, double check it, do your homework, question it.

Whenever someone forwards me an e-mail, whether an uplifting story of how eagles go through a "metamorphosis" halfway through life that leaves them rejuvenated, or a warning about a potentially deadly mail-borne virus, I always double check it on

Just FYI, don't trust snopes blindly either, check out the references on their pages, because there is at least one page where, when you check the references, reveals that one particular article is itself is a hoax, placed there as a caution so people learn never to be too reliant on any one source, no matter how trusted.

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