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By MAB (registered) | Posted November 05, 2010 at 19:16:40

The first and last time I was tricked by altered videos pics visual media .. was in 2000 around when satelites could finally be purchased legally in Canada.

Anyway, there was this commercial where a minature hippopotamis, walked around the house, in the closet etc. I was taken with the fact they have actually bred a teacup sized hippo.
At the end of this commercial there was a dissclaimer by the government I believe, its been a while, that read to the effect,I had just been deceived and to educate your children about the exact nature of my own naivity.

From that moment, I realized the power and potential of "media reality manipulation."
The ever growing sophistication of this manipulation never ceases to amaze me.

Parents and teachers have big responsiblities to ensure our youth learn to discern.

I have a feeling they are already way ahead of the game..

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