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By people's voice (anonymous) | Posted November 09, 2010 at 15:43:59

I haven't had the time to follow what was happening with the new stadium and the Ti-cats, but I agree with article, that we need to do what is right for the city, not what is right for the ticats, sure we may loose the team, but if they aren't bringing in the crowd to see them then who really cares? if we can build up our city we can try and grab another team or whatever happends to bring a team or create a team for the city. We need to worry about more important things such as creating more jobs for people who have nothing, and people who constantly have to commute to another city everyday to work for almost nothing like myself. the bid for the stadium was definitely fueled by emotion, emotion that says we are desperate and want to come out on top over other surrounding cities.. to me I agree we should strive to be better, but we should also strive to be realistic and work with what we have, and take care of our own. the government treats us as the child who's mother hides him in his room when her friends are over because the kid is embarrassing to have around, and im really sick of it. I love Hamilton, and i want to see us come out healthy, not in debt. so yes I agree with Marulla he seems to be the only one making sense so far that I know of.

Anyways, that's my two cents on this. if you disagree with what I say then look downtown on king street and notice all the people milling around not working and are homeless.. that should bring the pro stadium people back to reality.

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