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By Guyincognito (anonymous) | Posted February 06, 2007 at 15:03:51

Sorry about the double post; there's no repost protection from a screen refesh on this site: I read the other article and I don't believe it directly contradicts what I said; and actaully supports it, because I am not saying that free parking will cost nothing (Just less then installing and maintaining something like toronto's PATH system or a working public transit system) only that it will make the downtown seem more reasonable in comparison to upper james and ancaster for shopping and eating.

In fact the other part of the article actually supports one of my statements; by saying that underpriced street parking compared to lot parking causes up to 30% of traffic to be people 'looking for a spot', making there be free parking in lots instead of cheap parking on the streets and more expensive parking in lots will get motorists off the roads and into lots where they can labourously look for close spaces.

The problem with paid for parking in downtown is that no where else in the city do you pay for parking and the downtown does not currently offer anything either in value or selection that you cannot get elsewhere in the city without having to worry about traffic or paying a parking fee (And again, many lots downtown where you can can pay for parking are unmonitored and out of the way causing them to be risky places to leave a vehicle)

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