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By Mr. Meister (anonymous) | Posted November 22, 2010 at 20:19:53

LRT is NOT some magic cureall. Hamilton is not a true destination city. It is as much a suburb of Toronto as it is a city in its own right. Most if not all of the LRT that is being built across the continent is to access the destination city in the area be it Detroit or Portland or Calgary. In these kinds of cities a LRT line makes some sense. In a city like Hamilton I have serious doubts. This is a huge investment, hundreds of millions of dollars, we had best get it right the first time around. We do not need to hear a "my bad" in 10 years, after a LRT line gives us a bad downtown core with a LRT line running through it. Detroit with all its problems is still several times the size of Hamilton and their LRT project is some 8 KM long and yet the LRT line being proposed in Hamilton is over twice as long at 18 Km.

Buffalo is an awful lot like Hamilton in that it is a decaying rust belt city, it is the destination city in the area and about twice the size of Hamilton and LRT has done nothing for Buffalo.

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