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By Guyincognito (anonymous) | Posted February 07, 2007 at 18:05:00

well; as long as you live on the mountain; it will take 3 buses to get to anywhere which is not within walking distance of gore park. The buses that head down the mountain are; upper gague, mohawk, upper wentworth, and upper wellington.

The mohawk is infrequent, and involves either a transfer, or a long wait at lime ridge mall, otherwise if you don't live within walking distance of upper wentworth, upper wellington or upper gague you have to take an east west bus to get to one of those streets (Like the stonechurch); then, since the buses are never on time you will need to wait probabally about 30 mintues for your next transfer, with no bus shelter in sight; or a bus shelter with all 4 of its windows smashed and not replaced in two months. From there you head down the mountain and arrive in gore park; and if your locaiton is not within an easy walking distance of gore park, expect another 1/2 hour wait, and another ride- three buses.

Jason you say you live within 5 minutes of most locaitons you want to visit via the york bus; do you go out say 2 minutes before the arrival time, or do you bank on the fact that you live right on the bus line, and look out your window to see when the bus is comming; because my experience with the HSR is not so much that the ride takes a long time as transfers are always a long wait and the buses themselves are never on schedule. The fact that you live ON a bus line gives you an advantage that most people taking the HSR do not have; they will have to walk up from there respective sidestreet and most likely wait more then a full stop time for the next bus to arrive. In tempratures like these that's inviting brutal frostbite.

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