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By bobinnes (registered) - website | Posted November 24, 2010 at 14:32:18

I asked about interest, not just financial interest.

A lobby group should still be capable of understanding financial difficulties and traps, and adjust accordingly. Adjustment does not seem to be in your vocabulary.

Highway to Moosonee? When? Haven't heard anything about it. They've only got rail and only because of the port. They may be interested in your offer though. No doubt they need a lobbyist and that's one qualification you do have. In spades.

Lobby group??? Greenpeace, Alzheimers societies, etc. are not lobby groups? No, i do not see the difference. Every group hardens in its views.

Your criticisms of Toronto's system may be valid - unless both cars and railbed can be had at pennies on the dollar. If you want everything new, gold plated, I say vamoose to Waterloo which can easily afford anything your little hard desires. It is this kind of inflexibility that will kill your ideas and drive us nuts in the process. Despite that nobrains didn't understand my qualified support (good moniker!), try young feller (per Quandry pic), to be a little more flexible.

Re - "expansive view of what constitutes a public good". Yes indeed, very expansive. At the expense of others. See Turbo's reaction above. Your blissfulness at committing a billion on spec without any qualifications or caveats or signed commitments is indeed arrogant recklessness.

You did try to address the "whole gamut of factors" by mentioning 5+ items. If this jives with the list from the committed developer you are going to bring to the table, then we have a deal. Otherwise, you might be better off, instead of repeating LRT ad nauseum, pounding hard on these prequalifications the electorate will have to buy into first. I even happen to agree! It's just the money/interest thing that is a danger you do NOT care to address. In that the above falls into the non sequitur category.

Over to you. Please address my oft stated money(+) concerns.

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