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By Waterboy (anonymous) | Posted November 25, 2010 at 19:23:57

Locations? Hotel? Jesusss, Wade! Did you personally hear that articulated to you with conviction? No wonder you wrote it down.

After two weeks of calm we may have just heard Mayor Bob Bratinna concede the finality of a boat quietly slipping out into the lake at sunset. (Nov25, 2010)

To go out on a short limb here, as Merulla and others have prognosticated before, thats a wrap. Hamilton has just put out `feelers' for someone else to take up the goal for a stadium - rather, a soccer field and bleachers. The crown jewel of any games, an athletic stadium, has gone to York University. Someone else can run with the ball.

Bob Bratinna (Hamilton Mayor) has just commented and referenced other municipalities in a telephone call with CHCH Tv with no real positive message that a Hamilton project will materialize.

I guess we have begun the process of bowing out.

Lets thank the TiCats Bob Young for putting us on the road to dismantling the Pan Am stadium for athletics, confounding any notion of a new playground for the ticats and any other user group like a new soccer field, and no legacy for sport what so ever for Hamilton.

One the other hand TiCats owner Bob Young may have saved the city of Hamilton tens of millions of dollars.

For god sake I hope the cycling community stays under the political wire. They can attract and acomplish so much more for a fraction of the cost.

No sport legacy facility of any sort for Hamilton.

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