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By bobinnes (registered) - website | Posted November 26, 2010 at 12:51:24

We are in adjustment phase. Great danger exists for wrong debt laden policies. PIIGS is proof. Folks do not want to recognize this truth and still promote big spending on top of huge unavoidable maintenance. Startups need cheap inputs and a free hand. Big spenders, big gummerment and big taxes is the enemy but the change requires complete change of thinking. Most folks are not ready, including some here.

The adjustment will not be avoided. My own bet is the buck rises against USD but drops against World - therefore inflation roars (including oil), biz sucks, tax revs dry up and all sillinesses and faux dreams die. Practicality is reborn. Real non-subsidized operations spring up like mushrooms in garages and basements. Localism returns, burbs shrink, doubling up increases, dropouts compete with Chinese labour which fortunately is rising (albeit squeezed by Vietnamese etc.)

Canadians must tighten belts, avoid debt, increase savings, become more entrepreneurial which means we must make serious changes to school er brainwashing system. Etc. Etc.

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