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By realfreeenterpriser (registered) | Posted November 28, 2010 at 10:54:46

Maybe I missed something but, somehow, I'm having trouble getting my head around the proposition that eliminating minimum wage and paying our most poorly paid workers even LESS is the solution to our problem. That theory could best be summed up as "the closer more people move to slavery the better we are".

It never ceases to amaze me how people continue to parrot the outdated, cottage industry economic theories of Adam Smith as if, somehow they fit into today's, absentee-owned, multi-national, oligopolic environment. The "free" market of which Smith wrote is based in the free entry and exit into the marketplace by workers, consumers and producers alike. Try finding that in today's world especially in North America.

In fact, the best example of the real free enterprise that many, mostly anonymous, contributors to this sight seem to revere is professional sport. There, players put their services on the market to the highest bidder, owners compete for those services and spectators are totaly free to purchase a ticket or not. And when that system works as it should, what do we hear; "Salaries are exhorbitant", "ticket prices are too high"? No, it's just capitalism and free enterprise left to their own devices.


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