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By jason (registered) | Posted February 08, 2007 at 17:32:17

funny...i was waiting for a bus today and an older, 80's bus was in front of me. The driver was changing the sign on the front and he scrolled through a bunch of beauties - 32 Garth, 45 Limeridge, 31 Fennell, 31C, 31D - yes, there were 3 Fennell buses. He went through a pile of them. I though, gee, it would be nice to have all these mountain routes back. Up Kenilworth goes along most of Fennell now, but that sucks for people who live by Up. Kenilworth. They have to go all the way to Mohawk College. The city needs high speed service along Mohawk (the street is wide enough for 2-car lanes each way and 1-bus lane each way) and Rymal. Bus lanes on Up Wentworth from Rymal to Limeride Mall and from Mohowk to Limeridge Mall would be very nice. Other than that, the HSR needs to look at increasing service as much as possible. Money is the issue of course. Hopefully we'll start seeing BRT soon. And bus lanes. The Mountain is full of these mega-wide turning lanes with almost nobody using them. Streets like Mohawk could easily house BRT lanes. And the Linc would be suitable on the shoulder or centre median shoulders. My church is at Garth and Limeridge so I regularly use the #35's always on-time and goes right downtown. I guess certain areas of the city are worse off, as they should be when people own 2 or 3 cars and wouldn't dare walk, cycle or use transit. Stuff like that weighs heavily on my decision of where to live. If/when we ever move I will make sure it's close walking, biking or bussing distance to city amenities. Quality of life is much more enjoyable.

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