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By trey (registered) | Posted February 09, 2007 at 12:26:27

with regards to Guyincognito's comments...

where do I start, do you even live in Hamilton?

Other places that charge parking are: 1 All around McMaster, in fact higher rates than downtown. 2 Concession 3 Mall Road (near Limeridge Mall's sea of free parking) 4 City lots in East Hamilton 5 Barton Street 6 Downtown Stoney Creek 7 Downtown Ancaster 8 Downtown Dundas

If you think Upper James and the Meadowlands are more convenient than downtown they I suggest you keep patronizing those locations. Because nothing will convince you otherwise, not event the truth. U James and Ancaster retail areas have lost all convenience factors for the sake of 'free' parking. I can park within steps of my destination on Concession and usually downtown. Sometimes it ends up being closer than the far flung spots at Limeridge Mall. Plus I get to exit my car onto a sidewalk (on street parking), which is far safer than playing 'Frogger' through the parking lots. Unless you are one who prefers to drive around for 20 minutes looking for a close spot only 'steps' to the door of the mall and then only to walk around inside for a couple hours. That makes no sense. Have you shopped at the new Mega Wal-Mart in Ancaster? You call that convenient? No thanks. I much prefer a pleaseant walk downtown to the market and hit several other destinations with only having to park once. Yes that is worth money to me. $3 bucks in spare change is well worth it. Your comment about 30 minute walk is ridiculous, you obviously have never done it. I park on Jaskson Street East behind the Landmark Tower and walk to the market and library in maybe 10 minutes max. Now I understand that 10 minutes of walking is a challenge for baby-boomers but its only because they don't do it.

I've never had my car keyed or vandalized downtown. But I can't say that for the Mountain. My car was side-swiped in a parking lot on U James and the jerk took off leaving a nice car length dent/scratch down the entire one side. Also a slashed tire in Meadowlands and a break-in a Limeridge Mall.

Here's a neat fact. Something I personally know to be true. Guess store in Limeridge Mall, Guess store on Yonge St Toronto... same product... higher price in Limeridge Mall... You know why? The rent/lease contains a premium for 'free' parking not included in the Yonge Street location.... extra over-head means the product is more expensive. Go figure.... suburban Hamilton retail commands higher prices than downtown Toronto. Why? because in Hamilton there is very little competition due to the residents not supporting anywhere other than Meadowlands, Limeridge or Upper James and the 'free' parking that you are so very fond of...

Wake up.

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