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By Concerned Observer (anonymous) | Posted February 09, 2007 at 22:33:56

I have generally agreed with many of the posts and articles on this site. Jason's articles on downtown revitalization are very good.

I must comment though on these messages and article. I have read the report by Hemson, and they are not claiming to abandon brownfield developments, but in order to meet future employment growth the City needs to have more employment lands. And the type of land business is looking for is not necessarily down by the Waterfront or in brownfield areas. People need to realize that the type of growth they are projecting is relatively low cost in the long term for municipal infrastructure costs, and gives a tax return and does not demand alot of municipal services. I think if Hamilton wishes to remain competitve and ensure that it's citizens stay working in the City as opposed to commuting to other cities, it should consider this.

Unfortunately the market dictates what and where developers build, and you can't force them to build in areas where they do not deem it suitable. Unless the City feels it can afford to pay developers huge incentives to locate in these areas.

Thank you

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