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By R (anonymous) | Posted February 09, 2007 at 23:52:21

. I personally think that the city should be actively pushing both projects. They need to stop studying Brownfield lands and vacant port lands and start selling them. They need to clear the land, put in new roads and street lighting to make them attractive. Even throw some grass seed on them to make them look greener and more attractive. The land along the waterfront should have a few slips put in them so the rich company owners can put their boats in them as a selling point. You have to have both types of lands and the older land should be cheaper as they are already serviced and ready now.
Offering several areas for industry and commerce is important. Just like people with housing. Some like single-family dwellings some like town homes and some like low or high-rise apartment living. Some like to rent and some like to own. You will never get everyone to agree. You need a balance approach to development and not let one side hijack the way development is done as it has been in the past. This way we should have lands available for every need.
From downtown to waterfront to virgin lands, there should be no one going anywhere else but Hamilton to build a business. If they inquire, there should be no reason to go anywhere else. We have everything here from roads, to air to rail to ports. There is housing for their employees that goes from some of the most inexpensive around to the most expensive anywhere.
Mayor Eisenberger should be looking at getting both projects on line as soon as possible. We should not have to hear Economic and Development state that they turn down companies because we don’t have any land available.
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